Using diagnostic checklist to teach Chinese writing

Tse, S.K., Shum, M. S. K.


Hong Kong University Press , 香港大學教育學院在職教師教育計劃

ISBN: 9628093118

The book has three purposes: it aims to popularise the method of using a diagnostic checklist to teach Chinese writing; it sets out to clarify misconceptions about the diagnostic checklist approach; and it seeks to help teachers solve problems through introducing this strategy in their teaching.


Clear targets are a prerequisite for effective teaching and adopting the diagnostic checklist procedure helps teachers to set very concrete teaching targets. With these targets, student learning can be monitored and evaluated accurately. Moreover, revising the compositions of peers using a diagnostic checklist enables students to understand their own learning purpose better. It also helps students to diagnose their own learning difficulties and to gauge their own learning progress.


The implementation and popularisation of using diagnostic checklist to teach Chinese writing requires the willing participation of teachers as well as students. It also needs the support of language educators. The author of this books hopes that it will promote in-depth discussion among Chinese language teachers about using diagnostic checklists to teach Chinese writing. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Chinese writing ability of Hong Kong students.