Learn to Read: Reading performance of HK students in the PIRLS 2001 International study

Tse, S.K., Lam, Wai Ip, Lam, Y.R., Loh, E.K.Y.


Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9622097308

This comparative study of children’s reading ability was sponsored by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements (IEA). It explored the academic attainment of children of about 9 years old and the experiences influencing their language attainment. The book looks at the influence of the school, the family and the languages used at home on language learning. This book presents the results of the analyses, especially the comparative reading ability of Hong Kong children and counterparts in other countries, elements that affect the development of reading ability and strategies that have been effective in promoting reading. In addition, the book introduces the most current reading theories and evaluation methods and discusses reading curricula in advanced countries, effective teaching strategies and classroom activities. It also looks at what parents can do to promote children’s reading interest and ability. The book is of value to parents, head teachers, teachers, librarians and other people interested in children’ reading standards.