Analysis of Practical Writing in China Mainland

Yu, C. K., Tse, S.K., Shum, M. S. K., Ki, W. W.


Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company

ISBN: 9882001041

After the sovereignty of Hong Kong was returned to China, exchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland China increased rapidly. It is important to have a good understanding of methods of teaching writing in Mainland China as the practical writing approaches used in Hong Kong are very different from those used on the Mainland.

The book introduces 14 types of common practical writing methods used in Mainland China. They are special letters, circulars and notes, invitations, reports, contracts, regulations, speech manuscripts, recommendation reports, conference minutes, advertisements, introductions, press releases, commentaries and electronic information. One feature of the book is that it focuses on many local cultural characteristics, as information on each type of practical writing method is provided by Mainland experts. Another feature is that using functional linguistics as an analytical tool relates the social function of each type of practical writing method with linguistic features, types and structures, writing skills and so on. Schematic structures and analyses of linguistic features are available at the end of each chapter, helping the reader to understand the skills of practical writing methods. The book is a useful reference for people going to work in Mainland China.