Mother Tongue Education in Hong Kong: Research and Practice

Tse, S.K., Shum, M. S. K., Leung, S. Y., Ki, W. W.


Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789882001039, 9882001033

Since the launch of mother-tongue education on a much wider scale in Hong Kong in 1998, problems have emerged in schools. The book discusses how schools solved these problems in order to improve teaching and learning and to improve teaching quality. The book presents valuable school cases that demonstrate the consequences of implementing mother-tongue teaching in Hong Kong.

The book focuses on medium of instruction policies in Hong Kong and discusses the support needed by schools and teachers trying to implement them. It also reviews how the Support Centre for Teachers Using Chinese as the Medium of Instruction (CMI Centre) of the University of Hong Kong provided tremendous support over mother-tongue education with limited resources within a short period of time. Finally the book summarises experiences and makes suggestions. It demonstrates how universities, Government, schools and society can cooperate to solve problems

The book contains discussion both of theories and practice. Researchers were sent to schools to interview teachers and principals in order to collect first-hand data for compilation and analysis.


The Book has conceptualized the related experience of the following projects:

1998 – 2000 “Establishment of Support Centre for Teachers using Chinese as the Medium of Instruction” (Sponsored by Language Fund (SCOLAR))

2000 – 2004 “Quality Education with Chinese as the Medium of Instruction” (Quality Education Fund Project No. 1999/0882)


Other related MOI studies:

「 轉用母語教學後的適應與過渡」問卷調查報告 (1999)

“Adjustments and Transitions - After Shifting to Using Chinese as the Medium of Instruction” (1999)


MOI Survey Report 2002: The implementation of Chinese as Medium of Instruction (CMI)

母語教學施行情況調查報告 (2002年)


MOI Survey Report 2005: The Current Situation and Prospect of Medium of Instruction – Three Thousand Voices from Teaching Staff

「教學語言的現況與前瞻──三千教育工作者的心聲」問卷調查研究報告 (2005)