Chinese Grammar Across the Curriculum: Research and Practice (Text in Traditional Chinese)

Tse, S.K., Shum, M. S. K., Ki, W. W.


Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9789622094901

Chinese Grammar across the Curriculum: Research and Practice can be regarded as a follow-up to Errors in Setting Examination Questions and the Expression of Meaning (the first book in the series Hong Kong Mother-Tongue Education ). The series have pointed out that many language errors are caused by dialects of Chinese that affect standard usage of Chinese. It has been found quite essential to assemble cross-curriculum grammar rules to direct teachers who have not attended to their Chinese grammar for a long time. In this way, teachers can be assisted to master modern Chinese grammar and strengthen their ability to apply modern Chinese in their work.

The basic structure of Chinese Grammar across the Curriculum: Research and Practice is as follows. First, a comprehensive cross-curriculum grammar framework is set up. There the follows a detailed analysis of the language errors in materials we have collected and in  handouts provided by various schools.  In conducting this analysis, curriculum language developments in Hong Kong were taken into account. Arising from the work, a cross-curriculum grammar system is constructed. This grammar system, based on school materials, is available for theoretical and practical usage. Furthermore, the book may serve as reference for teacher-trainers training people whose work involves studying Chinese dialects, foreign languages and subject teaching.