On the Learning of Chinese

Tse, S.K., Marton, F., Cheung, W.M.


Sense Publishers

ISBN: 9789460912689, 9460912680, 9460912672, 9789460912672

Many people find Chinese a hard language to learn. Using the Theory of Variation as the primary learning framework, the authors of this book conducted a number of large-scale and robustly-designed studies to investigate the relationship between the learning and teaching of Chinese. The authors believe that there are effective ways to become skilled in Chinese and that learning Chinese can be pleasurable and interesting. They provide empirical evidence for educators, parents, policymakers and readers interested in Chinese language education. They also illuminate the path to the mastery of Chinese in schools and how Chinese should be taught in today’s world.

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  1. Chinese and the Learning of Chinese
    Shek Kam Tse and Wai Ming Cheung
  2. Chinese Pedagogy and a Pedagogy for Learning Chinese
    Pakey Pui Man Chik and Ference Marton
  3. Learning Tones
    Wing Wah Ki, Ference Marton and Ming Fai Pang
  4. Orthographic Awareness
    Ho Cheong Lam
  5. Learning Characters
    Shek Kam Tse, Ference Marton, Wing Wah Ki and Elizabeth Ka Yee Loh
  6. Learning Words
    Pakey Pui Man Chik, Allen Leung and Ference Marton
  7. Learning to Read and Write Better
    Shek Kam Tse, Ference Marton, Elizabeth Ka Yee Loh and Pakey Pui Man Chik
  8. Soaring across the Sky like a Heavenly Horse: Enhancing Creativity in Chinese Writing
    Wai Ming Cheung, Ference Marton and Shek Kam Tse
  9. Enhancing Creativity in Chinese Teaching
    How Chung Lee, Ference Marton and Shek Kam Tse

Ference Marton 
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