Caring for Children all Over the World – The Power of Reading and Serving

Ho, S. Y.


Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER)

ISBN: 9789889749576

This is an interdisciplinary project that involves the areas of literature, civics, and the arts in the Hong Kong secondary-school curriculum. The core component of this project is to introduce Hong Kong secondary school students to a compilation of carefully selected translated novels about the plight of children all over the world. On top of literature appreciation, complementary drama activities and social services are also essential components of this project in order to achieve its goals of broadening the horizons of Hong Kong adolescents and instilling in them a sense of empathy for others. In some sense, this project is like a minuscule version of the global humanitarian movement of “Doctors without Borders” for Hong Kong secondary school students. This book, which includes both theories and practical examples, will serve as a valuable reference for schools that want to promote interdisciplinary instruction and civic duties in students through social services. It is hoped that through these deep learning experiences, students will become enlightened, compassionate, and responsible global citizens.


The book is a deliverable of QEF project entitled "Caring for Children all over the World: Enhancing Hong Kong Secondary School Students  Global Horizons and Humanistic Concern through an Interdisciplinary Learning Program" (與全球孩子同行—透過翻譯小說、戲劇教學擴闊青少年世界視野與人文關懷) which was completed in 2010.


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