Infusing IB Philosophy and Pedagogy into Chinese Language Teaching

Hill, I., Shum, M. S. K.


John Catt Educational

ISBN: 1909717657, 978-1909717657

Staff at HKU have carved out research areas that address the design and evolution of pedagogical approaches and methods for Chinese language teaching suitable for today’s hyper-connected, globalised society. These research areas include cross-cultural or intercultural methods of language pedagogy, as well as the global trends and development of Chinese teaching and learning. Much of this work stems from a belief that educational and pedagogical research should anticipate and prepare for the needs of tomorrow’s world, while addressing and improving upon the issues of today’s world. In this respect, HKU maintains a close relationship of collegial collaboration with the IB. As the only IB-accredited professional development programme for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) worldwide, the Master of Education (MEd) programme in TCSL at HKU integrates IB theories and practice with its curriculum, catering to the unique needs of pre-service or in-service teachers of TCSL in IB World Schools. Most of the contributions to this book come from HKU staff members and from experienced education practitioners who serve in IB schools which have forged strong partnerships with HKU.