Parents Handbook on the Education of Non-Chinese Speaking Students (2015)

Tse, S.K., Zhang, B., Shum, M. S. K., Lai, C., Loh, E.K.Y., Lam, Wai Ip, Poon, W. M. A.


Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER)

ISBN: 9789881302496

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This Parent Handbook is a deliverable of ‘University-School Support Programme: Supporting Secondary Schools in the Teaching and Learning of Chinese for non-native learners which is funded by Education Development Fund, Education Bureau.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Ka-yee LOH

Deputy Principal Investigator: Prof. Tse Shek-Kam

Co-Investigators: Dr. Mark Shiu-kee SHUM, Dr. Joseph Wai-ip LAM,

Dr. Lai Chun, Dr. Zhang Bennan, Ms. Ada Wan-man POON

This Parents Handbook on the education of non-Chinese Speaking Students was prepared by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. It provides ethnic minority parents (hereafter referred to as “parents”) with useful information including Hong Kong’s education system, major education policies and services, educational opportunities and resources available for their children, as well as advice on how to communicate with schools for supporting their children’s learning.

Furthermore, this Handbook informs parents about planning their children’s educational path all the way from kindergarten to tertiary level. It also serves a platform for parents to express their expectations of their children, and for their children to share their experiences in learning Chinese as a second language in Hong Kong. A general introduction to the Cantonese dialect is provided towards the end of this Handbook as well.

In addition, contact information of community services and non-government organizations available to ethnic minority youth and parents is included for the readers’ convenience.

We hope that this Parents Handbook will enhance the mutual understanding and communication amongst ethnic minority parents, their children, local schools, the University and the community. Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the completion of this Handbook.

We wish you all a successful career and wonderful life in Hong Kong.

Dr Joseph Wai-ip LAM

Associate Professor & Principal Investigator of the USP Project (2011-2013)

Faculty of Education

The University of Hong Kong

Dr Elizabeth Ka-yee LOH

Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator of the USP Project (2013-2015)

Faculty of Education

The University of Hong Kong

January 2015

  Introduction to the Handbook p.1
  Parents’ Voice


  • Education and parents’ views: A parents’ gathering in a Nepalese community
  • Different stakeholders’ views on EM education
  • Parental influence on students’ education and achievement (By Shanila Kosar)





  Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong p.11-12
  Communication with Schools


  • Communication between parents and teachers
  • Six communication channels for parents and teachers: Delia Memorial School (Broadway) as an example (By Kwok-chang Lau)
  • Challenges of working with schools (By Dr Wing-wah Ki)
  • Communicating with Chinese teachers






  Communication with Children


  • 家和萬事興Harmony in the family is the basis for success in any undertaking (By 李潔芳 Kit-fong Lee)
  1. 22-27


  Path to Success


  • Is there a path to success for me in Hong Kong? Story of Mr Chura Bahadur Thapa (By Iruna Rana)
  • My Journey to university: Interview with Razi Raza, a 2013 Pakistani HKU graduate




  Community Resources


  • Christian Action (基督教勵行會)
  • Hong Kong Christian Service (香港基督教服務處)
  • HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心)
  • International Social Service Hong Kong Branch (香港國際社會服務社)
  • Hong Kong Unison (香港融樂會)
  • Yuen Long Town Hall (元朗大會堂)
  • Caritas Hong Kong (香港明愛)











  Useful Information p.42-47
  Introduction to the Cantonese Dialect p.48-56
  Acknowledgements p.57