The Function of Language and the Teaching of Chinese: Application of Systemic Functional Linguis

Shum, M. S. K.


Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9789888028009

Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) provides language teachers with a new theoretical framework for language teaching. It focuses on social communication functions and has been applied in language teaching in many countries internationally.

Targeting Chinese language teachers and researchers, the book briefly introduces the theory and methods of SFL and their application in Chinese teaching. The book consists of three parts. The Function part briefly presents a basic concept of the theory and its importance. The System part introduces tools for language analysis and research based on SFL theory.  The Application part concerns the author’s experiences of developing and applying SFL theory to Chinese teaching.

The book reviews the methods and achievements of other researchers using SFL theory and  has both theoretical and practical value as it pulls together the outcomes of significant studies in the area. It tentatively explores the application of SFL in Chinese teaching and its pertinence for Chinese language educators and researchers. It is valuable from both teaching and theoretical perspectives and provides a comprehensive catalogue of references for students and readers alike.